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Onboard CO2 System Review & Test – Power Tank

Is onboard CO2 the right solution for your off-road vehicle? In this video I give you a detailed, close up look of the Power Tank 10 lb Jeep Wrangler JK Package, discuss some of the pros and cons of CO2 and then I hit the trail for a little testing… how fast can you inflate a 37″ tire?

Power Tank: https://powertank.com

CO2 Tank 10 LB Wrangler JK Package from Power Tank. This system was designed just for the Jeep Wrangler. It starts with the most common Power Tank, the PT10, and adds the powder coated black Super Bracket to hold the tank securely inside your JK and a pair of clamps to secure the Super Bracket to your JK roll bar.
The clamps are made to fit over the padding or without it. The hose is a 30′ braided co-extrusion rated for -40 degrees F and 1200 PSI burst. The couplers on the regulator and the hose have been upgraded to the PowerFlow II couplers ($30 value).
Available Colors: Team Yellow, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Candy Blue, Candy Red

PT10 Aluminum Tank
Nickel Plated Valve
SuperFlow HP250i Regulator with PowerFlow II Coupler
30 Foot HP 1200 Braided Hose
Power Grip Guard
Super Bracket in Black
Tank Boot
Regulator Cover
Ball Air Chuck

Video Transcripts:

10 gal Tank
Discuss other bottle sizes and why I went with 10 vs 15, show spare tank
Talk color (Candy Red)
DOT approved (what makes it DOT approved)
Discuss the stamping
Hydro tank every 5 years
Size, measure height/diameter
Optional color matched billet aluminum tank knobs
Tank Boot
Protects the bottom of thank and keeps it steady when laying on the side
They’ve included a decal down here to document the empty weight, because with CO2 the only way to know how much CO2 left in the tank, is by weight.
Limited life time warranty
Pro Series 400 psi superflow regulators
Limited life time warranty
Power Grip
T6 aluminum machined right here in the US
Hose holders
Designed to protect the regulator
Middle hole will hold a tool with 1/4” plug
Mounting bracket and roll bar clamps
30ft coil vs. 30ft straight
High pressure
Swivel at both ends
2 year warranty
Female super couplers
Very high end!
Black sleeve acts as and on/off valve shutting off pressure while connecting/disconnecting
Accepts 5 plug types
Hand made
High tolerance inflator with a tough O-ring to handle the pressures
Quality 2.5” silicone liquid filled gauge
Some gauges use glycerin, but when it get cold it thickens and slows down your reading
Pressure relieve button
24” braided hose
Clip on chuck with 90 degree elbow
Limited lifetime warranty
Now lets go over the pros and cons of CO2 for a minute and then we’ll go put this tank to work
Ok, I know there are a lot of opinions out there on both sides of the fence regarding CO2. So let’s talk about a few
Empty tank anxiety
For me this is probably the biggest concern for me, but after knowing how many times I can inflate my tires and keeping an eye on the bottle weight should be fine
Having to refill the bottle
There are only a few places you can go to get your tank filled, air gas shops, welding shops, beverage stores and fire extinguisher service shops
So there is a little inconvenience of having to head out from time to time to fill up a bottle, but that’s I have 2 bottles
So I’ve called around and I got quoted anywhere from 20-30 to fill up a tank. So if you have to refilling a tank every 5 trips, and let’s say you go out off-roading twice a month, you’re looking at filling up the bottle 5 x a year and at the cheapest price that’s about $100. So one factor to keep in mind.

Super fast tire inflation and I’ll show you just how fast here in a minute
You can reset the bead of a tire with CO2
And I had a friend just a couple months ago that had to change his tire because he popped a bead… if he would have had CO2, it would have been like a 1 minute fix.
You can run power tools with CO2
Just drop the pressure and you’re good to go
If you need to air up someone else’s tire you can just grab this and go, no need to drive your vehicle right up to them.
You don’t need to start your vehicle and turn on a noisy compressor. If you are leaving early in the morning from a campsite your neighbors might thank you for it.
This isn’t just for off roaders
Construction working are using Powertanks on site builds
RV’s are using it because they can easily reach the high tire pressures that some compressors cant do
Guys are caring these in tow truck and road side emergencies
And race tracks are using CO2 as well.

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