Jeep XJ Off-Road LED Light Install – KC G34’s

Well it’s about time we got the XJ back in the garage for some upgrades. In this video, I show you a close up look of KC HiLites Gravity G34 driving LED cube lights, then I show you how to I installed them on the XJ and take them out on the trail and light them up. I also share with you some problems we are having the XJ and some upcoming videos I think you will really enjoy.

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Gravity G34:

Pair of KC Gravity LED G34’s in a driving lights
There are a lot of cube LED on the market, but honestly these are the best looking ones I’ve seen to date.
3×4” (w3.85 x h3.8 x d3.15)
This driving light pattern is putting out 2300 Raw Lumins 2,300
600 lux @ 10 meters
SAE compliant which means if you mount these below your headlights and they are 10- 24” off the ground you can use them on the road. Now ever country and state has different regulations, so make sure it’s a good idea to double check before you hit the highway with these on.
1.19 amp draw
5000k color
Polycarbonate lens
Gravity (GRD) Reflective Diode
DuPont Multi-Surface Reflector Optics, it’s not just some aluminum reflector, this has a nylon-reinforced resin with very high strength and temperature resistance.
Aluminum Housing
E-coat finish
They’ve included a full wire harness, an on-off switch and some general directions.
23 year warranty

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