Japan Weekly Auction Picks 067 – 09 May 18 – Damaged Vehicles For Sale

Japan Weekly Auction Picks 067 – 09 May 18

Things are getting back to normal here at PCA. We’ve returned from our holiday break, so things should be proceeding as usual, without any big interruptions.

We’re kicking off this video by going over the second round of picks for the current contest, and we’ll also be revealing the contest winner. Who won? What did they win? Stay tuned!

As for this week’s picks, it’s a small set, with just six cars to cover. Here’s what the viewers found this week:

Nissan Pulsar GTi-R – HAA Kobe – 30200 – 5:53
Smart ForTwo – HAA Kobe – 84001 – 9:44
Subaru WRX STi S208 – ZIP Osaka – 761 – 11:57
Volkswagen Golf – HAA Kobe – 80044 – 17:00
BMW M3 – HAA Kobe – 88001 – 20:09
Mazda Bongo Wagon – JU Hiroshima – 182 – 26:38


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